Shuffle 512 Austin

Shuffle 512 Austin
United States
6501 S Congress Ave #1-104, Austin, TX 78745
(512) 580-0355

Shuffle 512 Austin Details

Austin has so many great options for poker, and one of them is at Shuffle 512, a quaint and stylish poker room that attracts some big games and loose players, and is run by a friendly and welcoming staff.

Shuffle 512 Austin is one of the premier poker destinations in the Lone Star State, and also one of the best looking card rooms in the state. Whether you're a grizzled veteran on the felt or just starting out in poker, or you're a recreational player who enjoys the social aspect of the game, you'll fit in well at Shuffle 512, which is located on the south side of town.

Parking is convenient and the location for the card room is a short drive away from most major Austin destinations, including the University of Texas campus.

Joining the Club

A membership at Shuffle 512 has its perks. The prices for a membership are competitive with other Texas. It costs $10 for one full day of access to the social club, which gives players the ability to buy into a cash game or tournament and hangout. Or, you can save money in the long run and purchase a monthly membership for $30. For an even larger discount, you can buy a full year of club access for just $200, one of the cheapest prices in town.

The membership isn't enough to enter a cash game, however. You also must purchase time. This is a replacement for rake, which is not taken out of any pot at legal Texas poker rooms due to the state's strict gambling laws. The cost of one hour of play is $12, but you can buy in bulk to save money (four hours for $44 or 10 hours for $100). Additionally, free time can be earned via the following promotion:

  • 15-19 hours played = $12 free time
  • 20-24 hours played = $18 free time
  • 25-29 hours played = $24 free time
  • 30-34 hours played = $36 free time
  • 35-39 hours played = $48 free time
  • 40-44 hours played = $60 free time
  • 45-49 hours played = $72 free time
  • 50+ hours played = $120 free time

Cash Games at Shuffle 512 Austin

There are four daily cash games running at Shuffle 512 Austin, which has 12 card tables available, and you'll occasionally find other games such as higher stakes no-limit hold'em and mixed games. Those five games are as follows:

  • $1/$2 No-Limit Hold'em ($100 to $300)
  • $1/$3 No-Limit Hold'em ($200 to $1,000 or match the big stack)
  • $1/$2/$5 Pot-Limit Omaha ($200 to $700)
  • $1/$2/$5 Big O ($200 to $700)
  • $2/$5 No-Limit Hold'em ($300 to $1,000)

Tournaments at Shuffle 512 Austin

Shuffle 512 Austin is one of the best places for low-stakes and freeroll tournaments in the state's capital city. There are tournaments on Friday and Saturday each week, along with some new events each month (check the Shuffle 512 website for a current list of upcoming tournaments).

On Friday at 7 p.m., the card club hosts a $2,000 guaranteed freeroll to those who have played in cash games the previous week. On Saturday, there is a $4,000 guaranteed no-limit hold'em tournament.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shuffle 512 a legal poker room?

Yes, poker is legal in Texas so long as the room operates as a social club and not a traditional casino.

Does Shuffle 512 offer additional casino games beyond poker?

No. Slot machines, blackjack and all table games are illegal in the state except on certain Indian reservations.

Does Shuffle 512 have weekly tournaments?

Yes, there are tournaments every Friday and Saturday.

What is the cost of a membership?

It costs $10 for a daily membership, $30 monthly, or $200 annual.

How much is the hourly seat fee?

It costs $12 per hour, but there are discounts available if you purchase in bundles.

Where in Austin is Shuffle 512 located?

Shuffle 512 is located at 6501 S Congress Ave #1-104 on the south side of town.