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Best Facebook Poker Sites

Facebook poker has become one of the most popular games on the social networking site, as people love to play Facebook poker against their friends. People love accumulating as many Facebook poker chips as possible, and many people even search out ways to cheat at the Facebook poker game.

The texas holdem poker game at Facebook is powered by Zynga, which makes different games including the Zynga poker game that is played on Facebook. People have also been known to buy these Facebook poker chips for real money, even though they have no real value. On this page we will discuss other sites for playing texas holdem online, and how you can win real money instead of just Facebook poker chips.

Top 3 Facebook Poker Sites

The top three real money poker rooms that are similar to Facebook are PokerStars, 888Poker, and William Hill Poker. You can also play on these sites for play money, or play in any of our exclusive freerolls. All of these sites provide a nice option to play for free or for real money, rather than buying Facebook poker chips. If you are new to online poker you may also want to visit our homepage for the best poker news on the internet, or check out our full listing of online poker rooms.

Best choice:

If you play poker on Facebook, will probably be your best choice for another poker site. PokerStars has a community feel as many of the regulars in the games know each other and talk in the chat box. PokerStars has custom avatars, so if you want you can use the same picture that you use on your Facebook profile. You are also welcome to use any other photo that you choose – some people use a relative’s photo, some use a photo of a pet, and some people use a photo of their favorite sports team.

You can play for free on PokerStars, or you can buy real money chips if you prefer. If you were going to buy Facebook poker chips, why not buy real money poker chips on PokerStars and have a chance of winning something in return? You can visit PokerStars through our “start playing” button in the table on this page, and use our marketing code POKERNEWS when creating your account. This PokerStars marketing code will allow you to enter into our special freerolls, and if you choose to make a deposit you will get a bonus on your first deposit up to $600 free.

888Poker: another nice alternative

888 Poker is also a nice alternative to playing poker on Facebook. 888 Poker is one of the fastest growing poker sites in the world, and the site definitely has a community feel to it. Though you won’t be playing against Facebook friends on the main 888 client, 888 does have some cool features that make it a very social game.

888Poker is one of the first sites that has actually developed a Facebook poker application. I’m surprised that many online poker sites have not followed suit, but it seems many online poker sites are inept at social media. You will notice that the 888Poker Facebook application is actually called the Pacific Poker application. Pacific Poker is part of the 888 gaming group, and 888 seems to be in the process of rebranding all Pacific Poker related things over to 888.

If you are looking for Facebook poker chips, then you may want to give 888 Poker a try. They have play chip games very similar to the play chip games at Facebook, and you can also try their real money poker games. You can sign up for 888Poker through our “start playing” button in the table on this page. You don’t need to use any special bonus code when signing up for 888. You can simply visit the site through our “Start Playing” link to claim a bonus of up to $888 and exclusive freeroll entries.

Check out William Hill Poker Facebook

William Hill is another online poker site that has similar games to the ones that you can find on Facebook poker. William Hill is one of the best known gaming brands in Europe. In addition to the poker games at Will Hill you will also find bingo, betting, a standard online casino, a live online casino, and a mobile gaming platform. William Hill should be able to use their wide variety of gaming options to be a leader in social media gaming. You can claim a 200 percent match bonus at William Hill by signing up through PokerNews.

Texas Holdem Most popular poker game in the world among casual and pro players

How to Start Playing Texas Hold'em:

  • Easy to get started because of simple rules and instant fun.
  • The most professional tournaments are Texas Hold'em.
  • To improve your skills, you should read strategy articles.
  • Get the Poker History Overview.
No. 1 Game in the World
Omaha It is a poker game of action, but it can also be a game of big swings

How to Start Playing Omaha:

  • To get started, you need to learn Texas Hold’em rules.
  • Easy game to bluff.
  • Play two of the most commonly spread variations, Omaha High and Omaha 8-or-better.
Seven-Card Stud Seven-card stud was one of the most popular poker variations prior to Texas Hold'em popularity

How to Start Playing Seven Card Stud:

  • The game can be played with two to eight players.
  • Seven-card stud does not involve a flop.
  • In seven-card stud, it is very important to pay close attention to the cards of your opponents.
2-7 Triple Draw This variation is for more advanced poker players

How to Start playing 2-7 Triple Draw:

  • Hand rankings are the inverse of those in a regular game.
  • The worst hand you can hold in this game is a Royal Flush.
  • Each player is dealt five cards and there is a round of betting.
Chinese Poker Open-face Chinese poker is a new and exciting form of poker.

How to Start playing Chinese Poker:

  • Open-face Chinese poker is a turn-based card game.
  • There are no bets placed during the rounds of play.
  • Special rule "Fantasyland" is treated as a bonus round of OFC.
New Game