Ask a Poker Tournament Director: A Few Common Situations

Tournament Director Toby Stone
  • PokerStars Championship Tournament Director Toby Stone shares a few rulings on common tourney spots.

  • Talking the "one chip rule," string bets, ambiguous table talk and more with PokerStars TD Toby Stone.

For beginning poker players, rules governing the order of play or other procedural concerns can sometimes be puzzling. Things that are second nature to experienced players can be a source of confusion to those who haven't faced those spots before.

That said, even experienced players sometimes aren't sure about the rulings for certain situations, even fairly common ones.

Our Sarah Herring spoke with Toby Stone, PokerStars Championship Tournament Director, to address a few different tournament rulings in the video below.

The first question concerns the "one chip rule," one of the ones covered here earlier this year in an article titled "Important Rules for Beginners to Know."

Other questions cover various situations, including whether a player who is all in can have a hand killed if on a phone, string bets, and potentially ambiguous table talk. Take a look:

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