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Matt Doran and Grant Coombs Analyze Hands at $100NL

Last week, we posted a video of CardRunners instructor Grant "balbomb" Coombs, one of the most successful small-stakes players of all time, critiquing Matt "mdorand" Doran's play at $100NL.

This video clip is taken from the same training series, but the instructing is done in a hand-review style. The two players go into detail on analysis of hands picked out from a $100NL session. The topics they cover include triple barreling, interpreting what it means when players bet into you when you are the raiser, bet sizing, and more.

To see the rest of this video series or for more training videos, head over to and take advantage of a seven-day free trial. Also, for a limited time only, you can skip the the sign-up fee by using the promo code PN2013!

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