PokerSimple: Episode 15 - Letting Go of Results

PokerSimple: Episode 15 - Letting Go of Results

We agree with Yoda. And all the other great sages who advise us to let go of the past. Now let's aim their wisdom at your poker.

0:53Stay in Your Universe
4:10One Forgotten Card
5:26Confirmation Bias
7:34The Greatest Skill There Is
13:06Bad Beat Stories

Through their books and coaching, poker lifers Lee Jones and Tommy Angelo make the world a better place for cash-game fanatics. Learn more here: and

  • "Don't be results-oriented." Easier said than done, right? The @PokerSimple1 guys on how to let go.

  • In a new @PokerSimple1, @TheTommyAngelo & @leehjones discuss the challenge not to focus so much on results.

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