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A Bold Bluff and a Sick Spot: Sin Melin Discusses Hands from 888Live London

Sin Melim
  • Reading an opponent as weak, Sin Melin reraises the turn w/jack-high at the 888Live Poker Festival.

  • VIDEO: Sin Melin discusses two interesting hands from her 888Live Poker Festival London Main Event.

While at the recently completed 888Live Poker Festival London, our Sarah Herring caught up with English poker pro Sin Melin to discuss a couple of interesting hands from her Main Event run that unfortunately fell short on Day 2.

As Melin discusses below, the first was featured on the live stream, a three-way hand that after the flop eventually became heads-up between herself and Cristian Mihu.

As Melin describes, she finds herself calling Mihu's flop bet on a {8-Clubs}{A-Spades}{2-Clubs} board holding just {J-Spades}{10-Clubs}, reading him for weakness in part because of his previously aggressive play. The turn comes the {2-Diamonds}, and after leading with a bet Melin watches Mihu raise.

Deciding he has no ace and at best is on a draw with two clubs, Melin chooses to reraise big and successfully forces a fold from Mihu. The live stream confirms he was weak and on a draw with just {5-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}.

Melin tells how she showed her bluff at the table, but Mihu wasn't paying attention and missed seeing her cards. Then in a subsequent conversation on the break, Mihu asked Melin what she showed — and she bluffed him again!

Melin discusses a second, less successful hand from Day 2 in which she found herself in a three-way postflop situation holding pocket kings and looking at a seemingly benign {8-}{8-}{5-} board. Listen to her reads on her opponents in the hand, as well as what happened next:

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