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The PokerNews Quiz: Drama at the 2017 WSOP Main Event Final Table

08-05-2017 19686 responses Top results

The 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event final table provided a lot of drama, particularly during the all-in hands in which players were eliminated and the others all moved up the payout ladder.

Indeed, among those knockout hands were some relatively atypical scenarios when it comes to such situations, with a couple of suckouts on the river ending players' tournament runs.

Here's a quick quiz involving eight dramatic hands from this year's Main Event final table that tests your ability to count outs. Get six of the eight correct to pass the quiz, and take a look at the "Top results" afterwards to see how you finished.

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Question 1

On just the fourth hand of the final table, Ben Lamb reraise-jammed a short stack with Ah-9h over a Jack Sinclair open and Sinclair called with Ac-Qh. By the turn the board read 6c-5d-4h-3c, meaning Lamb had how many outs left to survive (i.e., win or chop).

Question 2

With eight players left, a huge hand occurred between the two big stacks, John Hesp and Scott Blumstein. With the board showing Ac-7d-5h-Ts, Hesp check-raised Blumstein, then after Blumstein reraised Hesp shoved and Blumstein snap-called, showing Ad-As. Hesp had Ah-Th, meaning with one card to come he had _______ outs.

Question 3

A little later Sinclair was all in with Ks-Js versus Bryan Piccioli’s As-Ad. The flop came Kh-4c-3h to give Sinclair one pair, then after the 8d turn Sinclair had how many outs left to win?

Question 4

With seven left Damian Salas got all in on a Ah-3h-2d board and was leading with Ac-Th versus Dan Ott’s 4d-4s. The turn was the 6d, leaving Ott how many outs to knock out Salas?

Question 5

A little later Piccioli was all in with Ac-7h versus Ott’s Ks-Kc. The Qd-5h-2d didn’t help Piccioli, nor did the 8c turn, meaning he was down to just ________ outs to survive.

Question 6

Not long after Antoine Saout went out in fifth, a short-stacked Hesp open-pushed with 9c-7c and was called by Benjamin Pollak who had Ad-Js. After the Ks-Ts-6h flop and 4c turn, how many outs did Hesp have left with the river to come?

Question 7

Pollak’s knockout in third place came in a wild three-way all-in hand in which he had Qc-Td, Dan Ott had Kc-9d, and Blumstein Ah-Qs. After the Kd-Js-3d flop and 4c turn, how many outs did Pollak have to win the hand?

Question 8

The final hand of the 2017 WSOP Main Event saw Ott all in with his short stack holding Ad-8d and having to fade Blumstein’s Ah-2d. Ott was fine through the Js-6s-5h flop and 7h turn, needing only to avoid Blumstein’s _______ outs to survive.

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