The PokerNews Quiz: Never Draw to an Inside Straight

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A favorite poker aphorism dating back to the days of five-card draw is the advice "never draw to an inside straight."

The phrase is so well known it has become an idiom, used even in non-poker contexts as a way of advising someone to avoid taking unnecessary or unwise risks. You don't even have to know exactly why you shouldn't draw to an inside straight in order to understand the caution being advised.

Poker players who understand pot odds know why drawing to an inside straight usually isn't recommended. How much do you know about inside straight draws? Test yourself with the eight multiple-choice questions below, all of which have something to do with inside straight draws.

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Question 1

Which of the following is *not* an example of an inside straight draw?

Question 2

If you hold an inside straight draw, you are looking for _____ possible cards or “outs” to fill your straight.

Question 3

In hold’em, if you have an inside straight draw with only the river card to come, what is the chance you will fill your straight?

Question 4

In hold’em, if you flop an inside straight draw, how often will you fill your straight by the river?

Question 5

Which of the following is an example of a “double inside straight draw” in hold’em?

Question 6

What is another way of describing a “double inside straight draw”?

Question 7

The chance of filling a double inside straight draw is ____________ the chance of filling an open-ended straight draw.

Question 8

While your chance of filling an inside straight isn’t good, that doesn’t mean you should *never* draw to one. What is an example of a circumstance when drawing to an inside straight might be a good idea?