The PokerNews Quiz: The Great Game of Pot-Limit Omaha

09-30-2017 20179 responses Top results

After watching all of the pot-limit Omaha played on Poker After Dark on PokerGO this week, this week’s quiz is all about the great game of PLO, also known as “the action game.”

Get six out of eight correct to pass the quiz. When you finish check out the "Top results" to see how you did compared to others taking the quiz. If you are signed in here at PokerNews, your username will appear. If you need an account, just click here.

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Question 1

In PLO you are dealt four hole cards, then use the community cards to build your five-card poker hand. When doing so, you use _____________.

Question 2

In a hand of PLO, the board reads Kh-10h-6s-3h-2h. Who wins?

Question 3

Which of the hands listed below is the winning PLO hand on a 4d-Jc-4h-Kc-4c board?

Question 4

Which of these is PLO hands is the favorite before the flop?

Question 5

In a game of PLO, there is $10 in the pot and your opponent bets $5. What’s the maximum amount you can raise?

Question 6

How big of a preflop favorite is As-Ad-Jd-10s over 9c-6c-4h-3h?

Question 7

If you hold 9-8-6-5 and the flop comes K-7-4, how many outs do you have to make a straight?

Question 8

The board reads 8h-7s-2h-As. Which of the following hands is the favorite with only the river card left to come?