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The Weekly PokerNews Quiz: Pick the Hand That Matches the Outs

03-11-2017 24739 responses Top results

In poker, an "out" represents a card that turns a hand currently behind into a winner. In other words, if you're playing a tournament and are all in and behind, you need to hit one of your outs or you'll be out.

Today's installment of The Weekly PokerNews Quiz presents eight hands, each an all-in situation in which you're behind on the turn with one card to come. You're given...

  • the board
  • your opponent's hand
  • how many outs you have

With that information, then pick between two hands which one matches your outs.

Get six or more correct and earn a passing grade, and take a look afterwards at the "Top results" to see how you fared versus others. If logged into your PokerNews account your username will appear. Need an account? Get one here.

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Question 1

Board: 9c-9h-Kc-2d. Opponent: Kd-Kh. With which hand do you have 1 out?

Question 2

Board: 8c-2d-Js-5h. Opponent: Qs-Qd. With which hand do you have 2 outs?

Question 3

Board: 2s-2d-Kd-Th. Opponent: Ts-9s. With which hand do you have 3 outs?

Question 4

Board: 7c-6d-5s-Ad. Opponent: Ac-As. With which hand do you have 4 outs?

Question 5

Board: Qc-6d-3s-2h. Opponent: Kd-Kc. With which hand do you have 5 outs?

Question 6

Board: 7c-6c-Ah-Qd. Opponent: 8c-8s. With which hand do you have 6 outs?

Question 7

Board: 7c-6h-5d-2c. Opponent: Tc-Th. With which hand do you have 7 outs?

Question 8

Board: Jc-Td-8h-4d. Opponent: Ac-Js. With which hand do you have 8 outs?

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