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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: A Heads-Up Challenge

01-09-2016 69097 responses Top results

It’s a brand new year, and as has been the case since 2004 the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is kicking off the poker calendar in exciting fashion.

Last night we were as enthralled as you watching the final table of the $100,000 Super High Roller play out, with Bryn Kenney finally outlasting Joe McKeehen in what was a riveting heads-up battle to earn the title and a $1,687,800 payday.

A quiz is a little like a heads-up battle between the quiz-taker and its creator. So let’s renew our heads-up games again with a new installment of “The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz” featuring eight questions derived from recent articles appearing in the Strategy section here at PokerNews.

Getting six or more correct out of the eight means you’ll earn a passing grade and win our heads-up challenge. And if you happen to get any wrong you’ll get a note explaining the correct choice.

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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: A Heads-Up Challenge 101

Question 1

Earlier in the week, Matthew Pitt offered a primer for those new to pot-limit Omaha, so we’ll begin with three questions about PLO. In PLO you are dealt four hole cards, which produce how many two-card combinations from which you can choose to make your hand?

Question 2

On a board showing 8h-7s-Kh-3h-Jh, which of the following is the winning PLO hand?

Question 3

Matthew mentioned how starting hand values in PLO tend to be much closer, equity-wise, versus those in no-limit hold’em. Here’s a tricky one -- in a hand involving three players, which of the hands is most likely to make the best hand by the river in PLO?

Question 4

In “Three Steps to Increasing Your Profit in Small Stakes Cash Games,” Nathan Williams discussed the importance of maximizing value when you pick up big hands. That means betting and raising with strong hands, because (as Nathan explains), “if there is one thing most players at these stakes love to do, it is to ______.”

Question 5

In a “Strategy Vault” article, Bart Hanson shared advice about how preflop aggression differs when playing live versus online. Generally speaking, says Hanson, live players are more likely than online players...

Question 6

We also learned about the classic poker variant five-card draw this week. How many betting rounds are there in traditional five-card draw?

Question 7

While playing the $100K Super High Roller at the PCA -- and facing many familiar opponents -- Mike “Timex” McDonald spoke with us about strategic considerations when facing the same players over and over. What is an aspect of the game McDonald suggests becomes less important when facing familiar foes?

Question 8

Finally, Gareth Chantler shared an analysis of an interesting multi-way hand he played in a UKIPT event. After flopping bottom set, Gareth called a continuation bet then watched two more players behind him call as well. The action of those two players behind Gareth can be described as...

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