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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: Think of It As One Long Game

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It’s another Saturday, which means it’s time again for another edition of “The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz,” featuring 10 questions derived from the past week’s worth of articles appearing in the Strategy section here at PokerNews.

Getting seven or more correct out of 10 earns you a passing grade, and if you get any wrong you’ll get a note explaining the correct choice. You may be able to figure out the answers to some questions without having read the articles to which they refer, although you can always look back through the week’s articles to double-check your answers.

Ready? Get started. And take all the time you need... we won’t call the clock.

Question 1

In “Hand Analysis with Daniel Dvoress from the EPT Barcelona Main Event,” Dvoress defends his big blind with a call after having been dealt small suited connectors. What was his starting hand?

Question 2

“New Poker Tournament Rules You Need to Know” reviews recent changes made to the Poker TDA’s rule book, including one change made to the controversial “first card off the deck” rule. Now, in order to have a live hand, players must be at their seats when...

Question 3

“2-1-3” is a home game variation on hold’em or Omaha. The name of the game refers to...

Question 4

In a game of heads-up fixed-limit hold’em, if you follow a GTO (game theory optimal) strategy, you will ensure that...

Question 5

Why does Carlos Welch suggest in “Note to Self: If You’re Gonna Lose A Flip, At Least Lose It Right” that all things being equal, it is better to lose chips to the player on your right than on your left?

Question 6

This week Chad Holloway explained how when playing a tournament in which he has been backed, he makes it a point to Tweet a photo of his registration slip before the tournament begins. Why does he do this?

Question 7

Why is a “cold four-bet” described as “cold”?

Question 8

In his latest “Road to the 2016 WSOP” update, Matthew Pitt describes having encountered difficulty in his challenge putting in enough volume. By “volume,” he refers to...

Question 9

In “3 Rules For Maximizing Your Success in Loose Low Stakes Cash Games,” Nathan Williams recommends that when playing against loose-passive players, you should resist...

Question 10

In a new “Hand of the Day,” Alec Torelli describes recently playing against Joe McKeehen and the current WSOP Main Event chip leader was “playing some incredibly solid poker -- the annoyingly good mixture of tight yet aggressive.” Playing a tight-aggressive style refers to...

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