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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: One Player to a Hand, Please

10-24-2015 69358 responses Top results

“One player to a hand” is commonly understood rule in poker, designed to ensure fairness and prevent a variety of issues that could threaten the game’s integrity. The rule also reminds us how poker is fundamentally a game played by individuals.

You can always collaborate as you study strategy away from the tables, but once the cards are dealt you’re on your own.

Speaking of studying strategy, there were a number of intriguing articles among this week’s Strategy offerings here at PokerNews.

Robert Woolley’s “‘Gut Feelings’ in Poker — What Do They Mean?” explained how there is in fact a real connection (i.e., a particular nerve) between the body and the mind that can make physical responses to what is happening at the table potentially meaningful.

Tommy Angelo’s article “The View from Inside the Aquarium” looks at the classic advice not to “tap the glass” from the perspective of the one whose glass is being tapped.

And Gareth Chantler’s “Obsessed with Your ‘All-In EV? It’s a Negative Freeroll” makes an interesting point about how focusing too heavily on whether you’ve run well or poorly in all-ins not only isn’t helpful, but can in fact have a harmful effect on your confidence level regardless of what the stat says.

Meanwhile the 10 multiple-choice questions below were all drawn from some of the other articles appearing in the Strategy section over the past week. here at PokerNews.

Get seven or more of these correct earns a passing grade, and if you happen to miss any you’ll get an explanation why. Remember, too, that you can always look back through the week’s Strategy articles if you need any hints.

Other than that, you’re on your own.

Question 1

Nathan Williams offered advice this week for “How to Play Against Loose-Aggressive Players in Low Stakes Cash Games.” According to Nathan, how often do you encounter aggressive players at the lower and “micro” stakes?

Question 2

When describing playing styles, what is the difference between "loose" and "aggressive"?

Question 3

When playing hands against loose-aggressive players (vs. all other types), expect your variance to...

Question 4

This week’s ESPN coverage of the WSOP Main Event featured a hand in which the four players involved held Jh-9s, Qc-Jc, Kd-Qh, and Ad-Qs, prompting commentator Norman Chad to describe the four hands as...

Question 5

In that same hand, a player raised for 2.5x the big blind and two others called before the action reached Tom Cannuli in the BB. With 760,000 in the middle and 120,000 to call, Cannuli had good...

Question 6

This week’s “Hold’em with Holloway” finds Chad warning about “The Peril of Shoving Weak Aces.” Which of the following is *not* among the category to which he refers?

Question 7

“Four-flush boards can be some of the trickiest in poker to play” observes Mo Nuwwarah in his article this week, referring to boards like...

Question 8

As Nikolai Yakovenko tells us in “Artificial Intelligence and Hold’em, Part 1: Counter-Factual Regret Minimization,” researchers have “claimed to have ‘solved’ heads-up limit hold’em, calculating a strategy for all possible cases of the game within 1% of an unexploitable...”

Question 9

In a new installment of her open-face Chinese poker guide, Isabelle Mercier emphasizes keeping track of your “live cards,” referring to...

Question 10

In open-face Chinese poker, your goal should always be to make the best possible hand on every line (top, middle, bottom).

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