The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: Turbo Edition (Odds and Outs)

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The Turbo Championship of Online Poker is underway on PokerStars, a 50-event series featuring quick levels — usually only five minutes long, with a few “hyper-turbo” events tossed in for which the levels only last three minutes.

The 2016 Aussie Millions currently ongoing also has a “turbo” event with 15-minute levels coming up, plus a few “Shot Clock” events employing timers that only allow players 20 or 30 seconds to act. By the way, the PokerNews live reporting team is on hand at the Crown Poker Room providing full coverage from the Crown Poker Room in Melbourne.

In the spirit of the TCOOP and those “Shot Clock” events in Melbourne, this week’s installment of The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz is designed to be a fast one with eight rapid-fire questions about odds and outs in hold’em. Get six right and you pass the quiz, and if you happen to miss any you’ll get a note telling you the correct answer. Provided you don’t go looking online for answers, the quiz shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

Enough with the preliminaries. The clock is ticking… go!

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Question 1

When holding two suited cards, what are the odds of flopping a flush draw?

Question 2

The board is 10s-7d-6d-5c, and you are all in with 5d-4d versus your opponent’s Kh-10h. How many outs do you have?

Question 3

You are all in before the flop with Ks-Kh against an opponent who has As-Ah. (You just couldn’t let them go, unlike Jackie Glazier and Darren Elias in “Folding Pocket Kings Before the Flop -- Could You Ever?”) About how often will you still win the hand with your kings?

Question 4

In the same Ks-Kh versus As-Ah hand, the flop comes Qh-Js-Tc and the turn is the Th. With fifth street to come, how many outs do you have with your kings?

Question 5

Speaking of being dealt pocket kings, what is the percentage chance an ace will appear among the first three community cards when you have K-K?

Question 6

You are in the big blind and decide to call a button raise with Kc-10d. What are the odds of your flopping two pair (i.e., by pairing each of your hole cards)?

Question 7

The board reads Jd-9c-Kh-Ac. You have 10c-8c and your opponent has Js-Jc. How many outs do you have?

Question 8

In “Missing with Ace-King: Analyzing a Big Bluff in the PCA Main Event,” Mo Nuwwarah discussed a not uncommon scenario for those playing A-K -- that is, missing the flop. What are the chances you hit neither an ace or a king on the flop when you hold Big Slick?