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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: Nothing Funner Than Runner-Runner

08-06-2016 52216 responses Top results

You've heard that saying, right? "Nothing funner than runner-runner." Not to be confused with "Winner, winner, chicken dinner"

Winning a hand by hitting runner-runner on the turn and river is certainly fun. But for the player who loses in such a scenario, there's not much that is worse.

Season 13 of PokerStars' European Poker Tour is set to begin in less than two weeks, and PokerNews will be on hand throughout the two-week festival with live reporting from several events, including the three big high rollers and the €5,300 Main Event.

For this week's quiz we thought we'd highlight some memorable bad beats from past EPTs, including a few "runner-runner" hands. Below are 12 such hands, paired off into six quiz questions. The question is the same for each — in which case did the losing player suffer the worse beat, percentage-wise?

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Question 1

Which was the worse beat?

Question 2

Which was the worse beat?

Question 3

Which was the worse beat?

Question 4

Which was the worse beat?

Question 5

Which was the worse beat?

Question 6

Which was the worse beat?

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