XL Inferno #10: $100,000 Tune Up

"prebzzz" Wins the $100,000 Tune Up for $23,376

ericajax • Level 46: 500,000-1,000,000, 125,000 ante

After more than thirteen hours of play, the XL Inferno #10 - $100,000 Tune Up finally crowned a winner. It was "prebzzz" from the United Kingdom who claimed the first place prize of $23,376 after defeating Swedish regular "KURDEdersim" in heads-up play.

The event drew 595 players. They had a combined 230 rebuys, making for a total of 825 entries. That created a prize pool of $123,750 with 81 places getting paid. It was "rufstation" from United Kingdom that finished on the bubble and was the last player unable to break into the money.

After more than 10 hours of play, the tournament dwindled down to nine players who made up the official final table. Short stack "Ilikepugs" was the first player to leave the final table, finishing in 9th place ($1,856). After that, it took a while before "Nordynordbrg" lost his stack with pocket aces against the pocket kings of Ian "Simpioni" Simpson to end in eighth place ($2,784). "metis996" (seventh, $4,201) and Simpson (sixth, $5,259) followed in quick succession to get down to five players.

With five players left, Anton "anteen" Bertilsson was all in for his or her last five big blinds with five-seven of diamonds. "prebzzz" found pocket eights and made the easy call. The eights were still good after five community cards, which meant that Bertilsson finished in fifth place for $6,608. "prebzzz" also eliminated "OnTheEdgeT8s" in fourth place for $9,405 after beating him with pocket fives against king-seven suited.

Almost an hour later, "888topPair" was eliminated in third place for $12,498. He or she lost his last eleven big blinds with jack-seven against the ace-six suited of "prebzzz". Just a few minutes later, the tournament ended after just five minutes of heads-up play. In the final hand, the pocket kings of "prebzzz" won against the ace-queen of "KURDEdersim".

"KURDEdersim" finished in second place for $16,953 while United Kingdom's "prebzzz" took the XL Inferno title and first prize of $23,376.

1prebzzzUnited Kingdom$23,376
3888topPairUnited Kingdom$12,498
5Anton "anteen" BertilssonSweden$6,608
6Ian "Simpioni" SimpsonUnited Kingdom$5,259