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Event #10: $300 Deepest Stack

Ryan Tamanini Wins the BWPO Event #10: $300 Deepest Stack Double Header for $64,032

TKBluffs • Level 36: 300,000-600,000, 600,000 ante
Ryan Tamanini

After two days of poker, Event #10: $300 Deepest Stack Double Header concluded with Ryan Tamanini walking away with $64,032 and the iconic Borgata trophy after defeating Adam Harrow heads-up. One of the marquee events of the 2020 Borgata Winter Poker Open attracted a massive 1,166 entries to create a colossal prize pool of $294,066, easily surpassing the $200,000 guarantee that was set.

Tamanini improved on his biggest live cash ever and is creeping closer to the $500,000-mark in live tournament earnings according to The Hendon Mob. After coming close to a final table in the $400 Black Chip Bounty Deepstack event earlier during the festival, Tamanini managed to overcome a final table that wasn’t easy. Joshua Tepper, Kevin Feser, Frank Marasco, Roberto Pena, Artur Dukaj, Vincent Giuliano, and Everton Taylor (last year’s runner-up) all made the top nine too.

Event #10 Final Table Results

1Ryan TamaniniUnited States$64,032
2Adam HarrowUnited States$38,229
3Joshua TepperUnited States$23,378
4Kevin FeserUnited States$19,555
5Frank MarascoUnited States$16,174
6Roberto PenaUnited States$13,086
7Artur DukajUnited States$10,292
8Vincent GiulianoUnited States$7,646
9Everton TaylorUnited States$5,396

191 Return, 110 Cash

Just over 16% of the field returned to the Event Center at the Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa at noon local time with several goals in mind. The first for most people would be to get into the money, with around 9.5% of the field getting paid, almost halve of the surviving players would need to bust. By the time the first break came around, a mere 112 players were left and hand-for-hand play was started as soon as players came back. It would only take a few hands before the bubble burst.

Sharon Zharfati was all-in with pocket kings and was up against Tyler Gibson’s ace-seven on one table while on the other the chips of Colin Imani went in on the deuce-queen-trey flop with two spades. Imani held the jack-ten of spades but he was called by Rob Saladin who held the ace-eight of spades for the nut flush draw. Zharfati was first to find out his fate and when the ace hit the flop and no help came on the board, he knew he was out. Imani’s tournament run was over when the king of spades hit the turn and both players were told to hold on while the number of remaining players was verified. In the end, the organization confirmed that there were 110 players left and both players were sent away without cashing.

Tyler Gibson and Sharon Zharfati
Tyler Gibson and Sharon Zharfati

From 110 to the Final Table

As always, just after a bubble bursts, the eliminated players sprinted to the payout desk as they failed to win their final all-ins with Dukaj and Tamanini profiting the most as they were the ones with the biggest stacks to come out of the dust. With several players knocking on their doors and getting closer, the pace of bust-outs did not let up. Giuliano was one of those players, especially after he cracked Frank Gangemi’s aces while holding queens. The queen on the turn got Gangemi in all kinds of knots and the river didn’t help.

Harrow quietly made his mark too and climbed up to the top of the chip counts to remain there for most of the rest of the day. Ryan Basile was up there for a while too when his three-bet got four-bet shoved by Robert Cicchelli. He called after Steven Snyder folded after initially raising and saw he was good as he was ahead with the higher pocket pair. Feser was one of the first to score a double elimination on the day when he knocked out Aaron Mayor and Colin Jno-Phillip.

Omer Rotman
Omer Rotman

Omer Rotman fell victim to Tamanini just after the dinner break when he ran his ace-seven into the queen-jack of the latter. The jack on the flop secured even more chips for Tamanini. But a substantial part of his big stack was earned when he shoved on the button with ace-ten suited and Ryan Eriquezzo found ace-king in the small blind. His ten big blinds went in and all was good until the ten on the river fell.

Dukaj then scored a double knockout when he eliminated both Frank Funaro and She Lok Wong who both held ace-queen. Dukaj had gone in with nine-eight and flopped two pair. Then it was time for “Kevmath” to say goodbye. Kevin Mathers got his last four blinds in with nines and couldn’t beat the ace-jack of Shuntak Yeung. Luis Urioste fell to Pena and then Yeung left the tournament area when Harrow rivered a pair of tens against his ace-king.

Tamanini Overcomes Them All

Tamanini went into the final table with the chip lead and never really looked back. Several players doubled up but it would be the 2019 runner-up, Taylor, to leave the final table stage first when his ace-seven was dominated by Tamanini’s ace-king. Giuliano finished in eighth place when he couldn’t win with ace-ten against the flush Tepper had flopped. Dukaj lost a bunch of chips in the Giuliano bust-out hand and then lost the remainder to Tepper too when he shoved with ace-king. Tepper’s sevens held to eliminate Dukaj.

Artur Dukaj
Artur Dukaj

Pena had stuck around with a short stack for most of the day but finally fell in sixth place when he ran his ace-nine into Tamanini’s ace-seven. The flush on the turn sealed the deal. With Tepper holding most of the chips, Tamanini doubled through him with nines while Tepper held eights. Tamanini then claimed the last double knockout of the day when he took out Feser and Marasco with pocket jacks.

Tepper got his last 5 big blinds in with ace-eight and was ahead against the ace-deuce of Harrow but the deuce on the river got the tournament to the heads-up stage. In the final hand of the night, Harrow limp-shoved with ace-four suited and was called with ace-nine. The nine in the window secured the lead for Tamanini while the trey on the turn gave Harrow some outs to a wheel. But another trey on the river meant Tamanini would walk away as the winner and end up posing for the winner photo.

This concludes the PokerNews coverage for this event but stick around as a lot more action is coming up here in Atlantic City!

Adam Harrow
Adam Harrow

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