2013 PokerStars.com EPT Prague

€5,300 Main Event
Day: 2
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2013 PokerStars.com EPT Prague

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100,000 / 200,000

"Just the Hearts Then" - Lacay Busts Rettenmaier

Level 12 : 800-1,600, 200 ante
Marvin Rettenmaier
Marvin Rettenmaier

EPT San Remo winner Ludovic Lacay opened under-the-gun to 3,500 and got met by a reraise to 8,300 from multiple WPT winner Marvin Rettenmaier. David Williams in the cutoff and the players on the button, small blind and big blind quickly folded but Lacay had other plans in mind. He made it 21,000 and Rettenmaier made the call.

{5-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{9-Diamonds} on the flop and Lacay bet out 20,000. That bet didn't faze Rettenmaier though, who didn't need much time before calling. The turn brought the {6-Clubs} into play and Lacay checked. Rettenmaier bet out 33,200 and Lacay thought about it for awhile before announcing to be all in. Rettenmaier looked a tiny bit concerned but called almost immediately anyway. Lacay showed his {Q-Hearts}{9-Hearts} and was in bad shape against Rettenmaier's flopped set with {7-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}.

"Just the hearts then", Lacay said with a smirk on his face like he already knew what the river was going to be. The dealer wasted no time and burned a card before letting the {K-Hearts} hit the felt. The dealer began counting Lacay's stack but it was clear from the get go to the players involved that Lacay (130,000) had more than Rettenmaier (110,000).

Rettenmaier gently made effort to shove all his chips to the Frenchman and shook hands with the players at the table. No EPT title for the guitar playing German wonder boy in 2013. He surely will try to add one to his already impressive palmarès in 2014.

Player Chips Progress
Ludovic Lacay fr
Ludovic Lacay
322,000 182,000
EPT 1X Winner
Marvin Rettenmaier de
Marvin Rettenmaier

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