Main Event

Roman Korenev Eliminated in 8th Place (€77,000)

MarcC • Level 31: 60,000-120,000, 20,000 ante
Roman Korenev

The next time Roman Korenev was all in he was out the door, and he'll be hating pocket jacks from now on. He couldn't beat them before and now they couldn't hold for him.

Alexander Helbig raised to 240,000 from under the gun and called when the Russian moved all in for 1,105,000 from the small blind.

Helbig: {4-Hearts}{4-Spades}
Korenev: {j-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}

The board ran {2-Spades}{3-Clubs}{a-Spades}{q-Spades}{k-Spades} to make Helbig a flush.

Player Chips Progress
Alexander Helbig DE
Alexander Helbig
DE 4,240,000 1,265,000
Roman Korenev ru
Roman Korenev
ru Busted

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