Main Event

Haglund Takes Huge One From Chouity

Happy_Freaked • Level 25: 15,000-30,000, 4,000 ante

Nicolas Chouity raised to 60,000 under the gun and Olof Haglund three-bet to 132,000 from his immediate left. Chouity made the call after which the flop rolled out {9-Clubs}{K-Spades}{5-Hearts} and both players checked.

On the turn the {7-Spades} Haglund bet 146,000 and Chouity raised to 340,000. Haglund ultimately made the call and the river brought the {3-Spades}. Chouity now bet 460,000 and Haglund decided to shove for 1,056,000. The former EPT Grand Final winner went into the tank for right around five minutes before he decided to give it up.

Player Chips Progress
Olof Haglund se
Olof Haglund
se 2,580,000 1,011,000
Nicolas Chouity lb
Nicolas Chouity
lb 970,000 -663,000

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