2013 PokerStars.com EPT London

The Professionals vs. Team PokerStars
Day: 1

Haxton Takes 1-0 Lead in Match

Isaac Haxton
Isaac Haxton

Isaac "luvtheWNBA" Haxton jumped out to a big lead on Tom "durrrr" Dwan over on Table 1, and now the match is over.

On the 23rd and final hand, Haxton min-raised on the button to 60. Dwan called, leaving 522 behind, and the flop was {4-Hearts}{8-Spades}{10-Spades}. Dwan checked, Haxton fired 40, and Dwan check-raised to 145. Haxton called, and the turn brought the {4-Clubs}.

Dwan checked, Haxton bet 99, and Dwan called.

The {5-Spades} completed the board, and Dwan checked a third and final time. Haxton moved all in for effectively 278, and Dwan called. Haxton showed {8-Clubs}{4-Spades} for trip fours, and Dwan mucked his hand.

Haxton now as a 1-0 advantage.

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