€5,300 Main Event

A Very Effective Check Raise

Happy_Freaked • Level 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante
Michael Tabarelli

The board read {J-Hearts}{9-Spades}{4-Hearts}{4-Spades} when we picked up the action, as Michael Tabarelli was facing a check-raise. Tabarelli had 14,600 out in front of him while the man on his direct right, had put in 32,000.

Tabarelli pondered for a bit before ultimately calling Halil Baybars' check-raise.

On the river the {Q-Hearts} hit and Baybars decided to check again, after which Tabarelli fired out 22,000. Baybars went into the tank for about a minute before he moved all in, covering his opponent.

Tabarelli seemed shocked and he clearly had not anticipated this move as he went into the tank for about a minute. Ultimately Tabarelli let go of his hand and Baybars smiled as he raked in this big pot.

Player Chips Progress
Halil Baybars
Halil Baybars
250,000 131,100
Michael Tabarelli it
Michael Tabarelli
it 80,000 -44,800

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