€5,300 Main Event

Rumen Nanev Eliminated in 8th Place (€77,000)

Happy_Freaked • Level 28: 30,000-60,000, 10,000 ante
Rumen Nanev

Frei Dilling raised to 125,000 from under the gun plus one and Rumen Nanev three-bet to 295,000 from his immediate left. Oleksii Khoroshenin tanked for a bit from the button and he four-bet to 475,000 and the action was folded back to Nanev.

Nanev moved all in for 1,485,000 and Khoroshenin called right away.

Nanev: {A-Clubs}{K-Hearts}
Khoroshenin: {Q-Spades}{Q-Clubs}

The board ran out {Q-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{A-Diamonds} and Nanev was knocked out. The friendly Bulgarian shook hands with his opponents before making his way to the exit and we are now down to seven players.

Player Chips Progress
Oleksii Khoroshenin ua
Oleksii Khoroshenin
ua 4,900,000 1,620,000
Rumen Nanev bg
Rumen Nanev
bg Busted

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