€25,500 High Roller

Max Altergott Eliminated in 5th Place (€339,100)

mnuwwarah • Level 26: 30,000-60,000, 10,000 ante
Max Altergott - 5th Place

Hand #109: Imad Derwiche opened to 225,000 on the button, and Max Altergott shoved for 300,000. Derwiche called.

Derwiche: {a-Spades}{3-Hearts}
Altergott: {k-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}

Altergott was live, but the {q-Diamonds}{a-Hearts}{9-Clubs} flop left him needing a jack as his best hope.

"Come on," he urged.

No such luck, as the {2-Diamonds} was followed by a {k-Spades}.

Player Chips Progress
Imad Derwiche fr
Imad Derwiche
fr 900,000 230,000
Max Altergott de
Max Altergott
de Busted

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