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€25,750 High Roller

Kitai and Leonard Discuss Ranges During the Hand

DBLLpoker • Level 10: 800-1,600, 200 ante

Davidi Kitai and Patrick Leonard just had a lengthy discussion about the possible range of Leonard whilst in the hand.

Preflop 16,000 chips went to the middle and besides Kitai and Leonard, also Nariman Yaghmai came along.

The flop was {A-Diamonds}{K-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} and Kitai put out a bet of 6,600 and both his opponents called. The {Q-Clubs} landed on the turn and it was checked through.

The dealer turned over the {K-Hearts} on the river and Kitai checked before Leonard bet 20,000. Yaghmai went in the tank for a minute but folded his hand.

Now it was Kitai's turn to take his time and like some clashes before, Leonard started talking to him.

"You not gonna raise me this time", he said.

"You'll never know, you'll fold again", Kitai replied.

This was the started of a five-minute discussion about Leonard's range. "There's more chance you have a king than an ace", Kitai told his opponent.

Leonard wasn't so sure about that and started summing up all the possible hand he could have. Eventually, he asked the floor of he could show one of his cards. "You gonna get a penalty for that", the floor woman responded.

"It's heads-up why isn't it allowed", Philipp Gruissem asked, but he didn't get a clear answer to that question. He then turned over to Kitai and said: "It's enough now."

It wasn't Gruissem, but Mateos, who asked the clock.

Kitai folded with ten seconds left to act and Leonard showed the {3-Spades}.