2020 PokerStars EPT Online

EPT Online 05: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Win the Button]
Days: 1

Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro Eliminated in 2nd ($34,900)

Level 38 : 175,000-350,000, 45,000 ante
EPT Online 05 Champion "SsicK_OnE"
EPT Online 05 Champion "SsicK_OnE"

"SsicK_OnE" limped the button, Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro checked his option and the flop came down {j-Clubs}{5-Spades}{2-Hearts}. Kelopuro check-called a bet of 350,000 from "SsicK_One" and the {q-Hearts} peeled off as a turn card.

Kelopuro tapped once more to "SsicK_OnE" who bet 1,008,000 and again Kelopuro called to see the {6-Diamonds} river card. Kelopuro checked and instantly "SsicK_OnE" shoved their stack into the middle.

Kelopuro used up a large part of his time bank but in the end, he elected to call, tabling {q-Spades}{9-Clubs} for a pair of queens. "SsicK_OnE" then turned over {6-Hearts}{6-Clubs}, giving him a rivered set and more than enough to take down the pot.

Kelopuro was eliminated in second place for a respectable $34,900 meaning "Ssick_OnE" is the champion of EPT Online 05: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Win the Button], taking home $45,765 along with a EPT Spade trophy.

Player Chips Progress
"SsicK_OnE" at
23,800,000 14,883,224
Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro fi
Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro