HPT Daytona Beach

$1,100 Main Event
Days: 3

Luke Graham Eliminated in 5th Place ($21,193)

Level 30 : 60,000-120,000, 120,000 ante
Luke Graham
Luke Graham

Luke Graham looked down at {j-Diamonds}{j-Clubs} and raised to 275,000 from under the gun. Eric Salazar three-bet to 635,000 with {k-Spades}{k-Diamonds} and Graham moved all in, Salazar snap-called.

Luke Graham: {j-Diamonds}{j-Clubs}
Eric Salazar: {k-Spades}{k-Diamonds}

The dealer fanned out {8-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{3-Hearts} and Graham needed a jack to stack alive. A {3-Spades} landed on the turn and Graham now had one last chance for romance.

An {a-Hearts} completed the board, cementing the pot for Salazar who sent the start of day chipleader out the door.

Player Chips Progress
Eric Salazar us
Eric Salazar
6,100,000 3,100,000
Luke Graham us
Luke Graham

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