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₩5,000,000 High Roller

Luo Chips Up With Aggression

zedmaster84 • Level 6: 300-600, 600 ante

Huidong Gu and Jieming Xu have re-entered and the latter was able to pull a profit already. Some of that vanished when he faced a raaise to 1,200 and a cold-call as Xu opted to raise to 3,100 in the cutoff. Xixiang Luo in the small blind had other plans and squeezed to 8,000 in order to force folds all around.

Player Chips Progress
Xixiang Luo cn
Xixiang Luo
cn 145,000 87,000
Jieming Xu CN
Jieming Xu
CN 77,000 63,000
Heng Wang CN
Heng Wang
CN 65,000 65,000
Huidong Gu mo
Huidong Gu
mo 50,000 2,000
Sparrow Cheung hk
Sparrow Cheung
hk 40,000 -13,000
[Removed:112] CA
CA 40,000 20,000
Jun Obara jp
Jun Obara
jp 23,000 10,000

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