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$5,000 Main Event

Kaverman Gets Gonzalez

MrPaulSeaton • Level 13: 1,200-2,400, 400 ante
Byron Kaverman

Byron Kaverman may be one of those 'computers' that Kevin Hart joked about here the other day in the Bahamas. He's certainly playing like a machine and building a stack once more, just a matter of hours after finishing third in the $50,000 Single Re-Entry High Roller!

We joined the action between Kaverman and Gonzalez with the board complete and showing {K-Diamonds}{4-Spades}{Q-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{4-Diamonds} and Kaverman betting 25,000 into a pot of 40,000. Gonzalez went in to the tank for so long that the clock was called on him, but before the clock had really start ticking on him, he moved all-in. Kaverman called and showed {A-Hearts}{A-Diamonds} and that was better than Gonzalez' {J-Diamonds}{J-Spades} . He made his way from the room and Kaverman piled yet another big stack here in the Bahamas. Can he make back-to-back final tables?

Player Chips Progress
Byron Kaverman us
Byron Kaverman
us 185,000 71,000
Fabrizio Gonzalez uy
Fabrizio Gonzalez
uy Busted

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