Live Events 2
$5,000 Main Event

Kevin Andriamahefa Eliminated in 24th Place ($19,000)

Webjoker • Level 22: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante
Kevin Andriamahefa

Kevin Andriamahefa was the shortest stack coming back from break and shoved from middle position for exactly 200,000. Small blind Michael Bartholomew asked for a count and then reshoved upon finding out it was ten big blinds. The big blind folded right away.

Kevin Andriamahefa: {A-Spades}{2-Spades}
Michael Bartholomew: {A-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}

The {10-Spades}{K-Clubs}{7-Clubs} made Bartholomew the heavy favorite but the {5-Spades} on the turn was a scare card. The {10-Diamonds} on the river wasn't one of the cards Andriamahefa was looking for and he exited the tournament in 24th place winning $19,000. The remaining 23 players are guaranteed $24,640 from here on out.

Player Chips Progress
Michael Bartholomew ca
Michael Bartholomew
ca 800,000 220,000
Kevin Andriamahefa us
Kevin Andriamahefa
us Busted

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