Main Event

Another Yaroshevskyy and Paloniemi Hand, This Time Yaroshevskyy Doubled

Webjoker • Level 8: 400-800, 100 ante

On a board of {J-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{2-Hearts}{Q-Spades} we caught Jukka Paloniemi with 16,000 in front of him from the cutoff. Igor Yaroshevskyy, seated in early position, had 47,200 in front of him, all in. Paloniemi took his time and eventually called after the clock was called on him.

Jukka Paloniemi: {A-Clubs}{Q-Clubs}
Igor Yaroshevskyy: {J-Clubs}{J-Hearts}

The river {A-Hearts} made Paloniemi two pair but that was still not good enough to beat Yaroshevskyy's set.

Chip Counts
Igor Yaroshevskyy ua 114,400 56,900
Jukka Paloniemi fi 84,800 -57,200

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