Live Events 4
36-H: $200 NLHE [Super Tuesday], $17.5K Gtd

Frank "thewholefunk" Funaro Eliminated in 7th Place ($987)

Frank Funaro

In Level 22 with blinds of 5,000/10,000 and an ante of 1,250, Sridhar "sri100k" Sangannagari opened the action with a raise to 30,000 in the hijack. Benji "OtB_RedHeron" Felson called in the cutoff, as did "Batzz88" in the small blind before Frank "thewholefunk" Funaro re-jammed for 342,226 in the big blind. Sangannagari re-jammed and both remaining players folded.

Frank "thewholefunk" Funaro: {4-Spades}{4-Diamonds}
Sridhar "sri100k" Sangannagari: {a-Clubs}{k-Hearts}

The two were off to the races with Funaro holding a slight edge and a shot at the chip lead with over 750K in the middle. He remained out in front through the flop {8-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{8-Hearts}, though the paired board did give counterfeit outs, but the turn {k-Spades} gave Sangannagari kings up that remained best as the river {7-Spades} completed the runout, ending Funaro's bid in seventh place.

Player Chips Progress
Sridhar "sri100k" Sangannagari us
Sridhar "sri100k" Sangannagari
us 1,356,275 389,726
Frank "thewholefunk" Funaro
Frank "thewholefunk" Funaro