Event #15: $250 NLHE Super Tuesday NJCOOP Edition Championship Trophy Event, $35K Gtd

"kyleorto86" Wins Event #15: $250 NLHE Super Tuesday NJCOOP Edition Championship Trophy Event ($8,350)

NJCOOP Event #15: $250 NLHE Super Tuesday NJCOOP Edition

The 2021 New Jersey Championship of Online Poker continued on Tuesday with another signature event, NJCOOP Event #15: $250 NLHE Super Tuesday NJCOOP Edition Championship Trophy Event, which smashed the $35,000 guarantee with a total of 178 entrants (108 players and 70 re-entries) for a total of $41,474 in the prize pool. After a brisk six-and-a-half-hour day on the felt, it was "kyleorto86" who earned the title, the NJCOOP Championship Trophy, and $8,350 by besting "Dkornblau" in heads-up action.

"kyleorto86" made their first big splash just after the money bubble broke, winning a flip to eliminate "wxg1989" and help propel them to the second largest stack at the start of the final table. After they eliminated "troutray" in eighth place, they held the chip lead for the remainder of the final table, never looking back in route to a dominating performance and the coveted NJCOOP Championship Trophy.

NJCOOP Event #15 Final Table Results

6Sridhar "sri100k" Sangannagari$2,147
7Michael "[email protected]" Gagliano$1,637

Action of the Day

Just twenty-three players found their way to the money after "iFoldN0t" bubbled. Frank "thewholefunk" Funaro (10th - $805), Keith "donnysack" Donovan (12th - $805) and Stanton "Stonniepokes" Tentnowski (18th - $577) were some of those who were able to take home some cash before the final table was reached.

With an average stack of almost fifty big blinds at the start of the final table, deep-stacked play was the name of the day, as it took nearly two levels for the first two players to hit the rail. Shortly after, the two known entities at the final table went out back-to-back, as Michael "[email protected]" Gagliano was on the wrong end of a two pair over two pair cooler versus "mrblonde2020", then a few hands later, Sridhar "sri100k" Sangannagari had kicker problems against "kyleorto86" to bust in sixth.

Michael Gagliano
Michael Gagliano

From there, "kyleorto86" took control, knocking out "mrblonde2020" in fifth. After a short-stacked "1025191" busted in fourth to "jimmyk99", "kyleorto86" woke up with kings one level later and was waiting when "jimmyk99" ripped it in with ace-four, and "kyleorto86" took a nearly 3:1 chip lead into heads-up play against "Dkornblau".

"Dkornblau" was whittled down to just seventeen big blinds when they opted to jam with pocket fours, but the red-hot "kyleorto86" was waiting with aces. Despite a sweaty flop that saw "Dkornblau" pick up straight and flush draws, the turn and river bricked off, sending the NJCOOP Championship Trophy home with "kyleorto86".

PokerNews will continue coverage of the 2021 NJCOOP on Wednesday with NJCOOP Event #20: $1,000 NLHE 6-Max High Roller Championship Trophy Event, $40K Gtd, so be sure to tune in tomorrow at 8 p.m. EST to see who the next NJCOOP Championship Trophy winner will be.

Here's a look at all those who captured titles on Tuesday:

TournamentEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
Event #15: $250 NLHE [Super Tuesday Championship Trophy Event], $35K GTD178$41,474kyleorto86$8,350.39
Event #16: $30 NLHE, $10K GTD434$11,848.20Renorick1946$2,127.69
Event #17: $150 NLHE, $15K GTD123$16,937.10Tagubhai$3,712.43
Event #18: $100 NLHE [Turbo, Bubble Rush], $10K GTD135$12,3931025191$2,343.17

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