2023 Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker (PACOOP)

Sunday Championship ($100,000 GTD)
Day: 1
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2023 Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker (PACOOP)

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7,000 / 14,000
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Sunday Championship ($100,000 GTD)

Day 1 Completed

“Huggers23” Claims Victory in Event #13 at PACOOP

Level 23 : Blinds 7,000/14,000, 1,750 ante
PSPA 2023
PSPA 2023

The 2023 Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker (PACOOP) had its first event of the series with a six-figure guarantee in Event #13: $100 No Limit Hold’em. A total of 1,028 players took their shot at the $16,330 top prize and trophy. After the dust settled, only “Huggers23” was left standing.

“Huggers23” caught some cards at the final table but also ran over the competition on the way to victory. They were seen pushing their equity with big bets and aggressive play. They didn’t shy away from other big stacks at the table, and this ultimately led to going heads-up with “TegridyFarms$” for the title. The chips flew, but it didn’t appear that either player was interested in a chop. After about 15 hands of heads-up play, they took down “TegridyFarms$”.

Event #13: $100 No Limit Hold’em Final Table Results


Final Table Action

The final table kicked off after "MikeyShegani" was eliminated when all the chips got in the middle and their opponent, "TegridyFarms$" hit top pair with their nine-seven off suit against "MikeyShegani"'s king-jack off suit. This then led to "WuTangFinancial" getting eliminated after all the chips made it in the middle preflop and their ace-nine could not improve against "werd3739"'s ace-jack.

The pay jumps got real, and players began to tighten up before "plo_head" was eliminated in seventh place after their top pair lost to their opponent's full house. "phillyfan104" was then eliminated in sixth place after they jammed over "TegridyFarm$" open with ace-four suited only to get called by pocket queens and could not improve.

"Casspierce" was eliminated in fifth place after their ace-nine lost to"werd3739"'s jack-seven when a jack hit the turn, and they could not improve on the river. "gorb575" was then eliminated in fourth place after they stayed quiet for much of the final table but got a few pay jumps in before the knockout. "werd3739" was eliminated in third after an impressive run when their two-pair, jacks and tens, lost to "Huggers23"'s two-pair, aces and nines.

That finally led to the heads-up battle between “Huggers23” and “TegridyFarms$” where there was a ton of fight in “TegridyFarms$” but ultimately “Huggers23” had too large of a chip lead to give up the win. “Huggers23” took home the $16,330 top prize and the PACOOP win.

Plenty of events remain in the 2023 Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker. Don't miss your shot at a huge top prize and the glory of being named the best in Pennsylvania!

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"TegridyFarm$" Eliminated in 2nd Place ($11,641)

Level 23 : Blinds 7,000/14,000, 1,750 ante
PSPA 2023
PSPA 2023

All the chips went in the middle on a flop of 584 with "TegridyFarm$" holding A8 and future champion "Huggers23" holding 45.

The 10 turn and 3 river would bring no help to "TegridyFarm$" who would it the rail in second place.

A full recap will be coming soon.

Player Chips Progress
Huggers23 us
51,400,000 8,823,435
TegridyFarm$ us