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Hale Picks Off Holmes to Grab Chip Lead

mnuwwarah • Level 14: 3,000-6,000, 500 ante
Seville Hale has over 500,000.

Daniel Holmes three-bet to 30,500 out of the small blind after Seville Hale raised to 14,000. Hale made the call, and the two saw a {6-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}{4-Diamonds} flop. Holmes fired out 36,500, and Hale called again. Both players checked on the {8-Hearts}, and a {2-Diamonds} finished out the board. Holmes bet 59,500, and Hale called immediately.

Holmes turned over first the {2-Hearts} then the {3-Diamonds} when Hale waited to show. Hale's {a-Diamonds}{7-Spades} was best though, and he took the pot.

The two exchanged testy words after the hand.

Player Chips Progress
Seville Hale
Seville Hale
523,000 23,000
Daniel Holmes
Daniel Holmes
160,000 -60,000

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