Main Event

Vang Doubles Once More

mnuwwarah • Level 23: 15,000-30,000, 5,000 ante
Kou Vang has been all in a few times but continues to survive.

Kou Vang continues to have alligator blood, winning the key pots he needs to stay alive. He shoved for 475,000 from the button over a cutoff open from Kris Wagner, and Wagner made the call.

Wagner: {a-Diamonds}{k-Spades}
Vang: {2-Hearts}{2-Spades}

Vang won the race, dodging numerous outs on the river when the board came {8-Spades}{3-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{6-Spades}{j-Diamonds}.

Player Chips Progress
Kou Vang us
Kou Vang
us 985,000 435,000
Kris Wagner us
Kris Wagner
us 950,000 -125,000

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