MSPT Venetian $1,100 Main Event

Brandon Lombardo Eliminated in 2nd Place ($135,074)

HillKerby • Level 33: 125,000-250,000, 250,000 ante
Brandon Lombardo

Brandon Lombardo raised to 700,000 on the button and Landon Tice defended in the big blind. The flop dropped {7-Hearts}{2-Spades}{j-Clubs} and both players checked.

The turn came {k-Spades} and Tice checked to Lombardo again. Lombardo bet 1.1 million and Tice called, bringing the river {4-Clubs} where Tice checked again and Lombardo fired out another 1.1 million.

"All in," responded Tice after some time. Lombardo went deep into the tank and eventually found a call.

Landon Tice: {7-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}
Brandon Lombardo: {k-Hearts}{8-Spades}

Tice had check-raised all in on the river and gotten his entire stack in and doubled after hitting two pair, taking a commanding lead and leaving Lombardo with just 2.4 million, which was committed and lost a couple of hands later after shoving with ten-nine into Tice's queen-nine to result in his second-place finish for $135,074.

Meanwile, Landon Tice has won the MSPT Venetian $1,100 Main Event for $201,529. Stay tuned for a tournament recap.

Player Chips Progress
Landon Tice us
Landon Tice
us 28,450,000 15,375,000
Brandon Lombardo US
Brandon Lombardo
US Busted