MSPT Riverside $1,100 Main Event

Phil Mader Eliminated in 12th Place ($11,685); Kevin Berthelsen Eliminated in 13th Place ($10,016)

mnuwwarah • Level 27: 40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante
Phil Mader

Nick Pupillo opened under the gun for 190,000 and Phil Mader jammed in the small blind for 680,000. Kevin Berthelsen thought a long time then called for around 430,000 in the big blind. Pupillo counted his stack then called.

Pupillo: {a-Clubs}{q-Spades}
Mader: {j-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}
Berthelsen: {k-Hearts}{j-Clubs}

Pupillo flopped the best of it when {q-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}{6-Diamonds} hit and he held on the {8-Hearts} and {q-Clubs} to bust both Nebraskans.

Player Chips Progress
Nick Pupillo us
Nick Pupillo
us 2,600,000 1,100,000
Kevin Berthelsen us
Kevin Berthelsen
us Busted
Phil Mader us
Phil Mader
us Busted

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