2021 World Series of Poker 2021 MSPT Venetian
€1,000,000 Big One For One Drop

Hands #254-259: Tsang in Charge

PeterNoTail • Level 22: 800,000-1,600,000, 200,000 ante

Hand #254: A walk for Anatoly Gurtovoy.

Hand #255: Anatoly Gurtovoy opened to 3,800,000 and Elton Tsang called. On the {Q-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}{8-Spades} flop Tsang check-called a bet of 3,000,000. There was no further betting action on the {K-Hearts} turn or {10-Clubs} river and Tsang's {J-Clubs}{10-Spades} was the winner at showdown.

Hand #256: Elton Tsang picked up the blinds and antes with a raise to 3,800,000.

Hand #257: Anatoly Gurtovoy raised to 3,300,000 and Elton Tsang called. The {7-Spades}{J-Spades}{5-Clubs} flop was checked through and on the {Q-Clubs} turn Tsang led for 3,800,000 and won the pot.

Hand #258: Another pot for Elton Tsang as he opened to 3,800,000 and won the pot.

Hand #259: A raise of 3,300,000 from Anatoly Gurtovoy was called by Elton Tsang and the two players saw a {J-Clubs}{Q-Diamonds}{2-Clubs} flop. Neither player bet and the {9-Diamonds} hit the turn. Bet of 2,000,000 from Gurtovoy, call from Tsang. The {6-Hearts} river went check-check and Tsang's {Q-Spades}{4-Hearts} was the winner.

Player Chips Progress
Elton Tsang cn
Elton Tsang
cn 116,900,000 23,200,000
Anatoly Gurtovoy RU
Anatoly Gurtovoy
RU 23,100,000 -23,200,000

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