2016 Unibet Open London

Main Event
Days: 2

Edgaras Kisielius Eliminated in 19th Place (£2,820)

Level 20 : 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante
Unibet Open London Day 2 Chips
Unibet Open London Day 2 Chips

Lithuania's Edgaras Kisielius was in the chip lead earlier in the day, however, his day didn't end that well. Down to ten big blinds, he shoved his stack all-in against Bhavin Khatri.

Kisielius: {A-}{A-}
Khatri: {Q-}{10-}

Kiselius, who was well ahead in the hand, seemed poised to double-up when Khatri failed to improve his hand on the flop of {j-}{8-}{5-}. However, the rest of the board wasn't as kind when it filled up with a {q-} followed by a {10-} to give Khatri two pair. Kisielius was eliminated in 19th place for £2,820.

Also eliminated around the same time were Aleksandr Lebedev (20th place - £2,820) and ex-footballer Tony Cascarino (18th place - £3,230).

The tournament recently went through its last redraw before the final table.

Player Chips Progress
Bhavin Khatri gb
Bhavin Khatri
2,100,000 630,000
Tony Cascarino gb
Tony Cascarino
Aleksandr Lebedev ru
Aleksandr Lebedev
Edgaras Kisielius lt
Edgaras Kisielius