$1,650 No-Limit Hold'em Terminator

Top Pair for Calcagno

zedmaster84 • Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante

Hand #228: A walk for Maccini in the big blind and he showed pocket aces.

Hand #229: unknown action.

Hand #230: Calcagno limped in, Maccini checked and they saw the flop of {K-Hearts} {J-Spades} {6-Spades}. Maccini check-called a bet of 10,000 and did so again after the {9-Hearts} turn for 20,000. The {6-Diamonds} appeared on the river and Maccini checked for the third time. Calcagno bet 50,000 and revealed {K-Diamonds} {3-Hearts} as winning hand after the call of his opponent.

Hand #231: After a limped pot the {4-Hearts} {3-Clubs} {4-Spades} flop was checked through, Calcagno check-folded the {5-Clubs} turn after a 13,000 bet of Maccini.

Hand #232: Yet another walk for Maccini in the big blind.

Hand #233: Maccini raised to 20,000 and won the pot.

Hand #234: Calcagno made it 20,000 and Maccini mucked.

Hand #235: Maccini raised to 20,000 and Calcagno called to see the {J-Spades} {3-Spades} {8-Spades} flop. Maccini bet 10,000 and was called before they checked the {7-Spades} on the turn. The {J-Diamonds} river completed the board and Calcagno won the pot with a bet of 30,000.

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