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WSOPC #18: $1,700 MAIN EVENT, $10M GTD



Very Late Qualifiers


The following players all booked their seats across the final three starting days which featured a level duration of eight, five, and four minutes respectively.

Koray Aldemir de
Koray Aldemir
de 757,908 757,908
Toby "shinerrr" Joyce
Toby "shinerrr" Joyce
648,113 648,113
Paulo Gombert AT
Paulo Gombert
AT 644,905 644,905
Alexandru Papazian ro
Alexandru Papazian
ro 532,071 532,071
Markus Dürnegger at
Markus Dürnegger
at 432,219 432,219
Kitty Kuo tw
Kitty Kuo
tw 375,860 375,860
Anson "Tara@0z" Tsang
Anson "[email protected]" Tsang
372,576 372,576
James Chen tw
James Chen
tw 361,302 361,302
Mark Radoja ca
Mark Radoja
ca 343,836 343,836
Aleksey "ImLuckPads" Savenkov
Aleksey "ImLuckPads" Savenkov
334,085 334,085
Darren Elias us
Darren Elias
us 328,820 328,820
Alexandros Theologis gr
Alexandros Theologis
gr 316,464 316,464
Mark Herm us
Mark Herm
us 313,308 313,308
Bruno Volkmann br
Bruno Volkmann
br 308,324 308,324
Manuel "caaaaarlos" Fritz at
Manuel "caaaaarlos" Fritz
at 292,356
Noah "TheVaccine" Schwartz us
Noah "TheVaccine" Schwartz
us 257,823
Toby Lewis gb
Toby Lewis
gb 213,436
Danny Tang hk
Danny Tang
hk 133,997
Matas Cimbolas lt
Matas Cimbolas
lt 125,146
Damian Salas ar
Damian Salas
ar 110,080

Who Will Reach the Final Table in the 2020 GGPoker WSOP Winter Online Circuit $1,700 Main Event?

WSOP Winter Online Circuit
WSOP Winter Online Circuit

At the time of writing, the very ambitious eight-figure guarantee of $10 million in the 2020 GGPoker World Series of Poker Winter Online Circuit $1,700 Main Event was surpassed thanks to more than 6,300 total entries. The final two turbo heats with levels of five and four minutes each were yet to conclude their 20 levels and more than 900 players had locked up a seat for the final day.

All those who have chips at their disposal will return to their seats at 6.30 p.m. UTC when the top 10% of the overall field will take home a portion of the huge prize pool. At least six players had been able to turn their 50,000 starting stack into more than 1 million in chips with the Isle of Man's Sjors "Bofral" Tromp leading the pack on 1,325,700. Behind him were Robert Le Roux (1,218,727), the Canadian players "snoozeuloose" (1,206,009) and "topboi" (1,119,155), "Benjicarlos" (1,064,925) and Daniel "GiveUp1905" Saugspier (1,064,925).

Dozens of notables made it through in the hunt for a slice of the eight-figure prize pool including Fabiano "MarkyAurelio" Kovalski, Vlad Martynenko, Mario Mosboeck, Ronny Kaiser, Ami Barer, Hun Wei Lee, Dietrich Fast, Jorma Nuutinen and David Peters to name all but a few with more than half a million in chips at their disposal.

The action will recommence with blinds of 6,000-12,000 and a running ante of 1,500. Each level for today will last 15 minutes each and the goal for tonight is making it through to the nine-handed final table. At that point, the day will conclude and all remaining contenders then return the following Saturday for the live-streamed showdown on the Twitch channel.

Stay tuned to find out who makes the cut, brings home a profit for their investors, and has a shot at the coveted WSOP Circuit ring. The PokerNews live reporting team will aim to provide as many hands as possible en route to crowning a champion.

Assorted Notable Day 1 Survivors

WSOP Winter Online Circuit
WSOP Winter Online Circuit

Below are notables that each survived their respective starting day and will return for Day 2 when the tournament plays down to the nine-handed final table.

Sjors "Bofral" Tromp IM
Sjors "Bofral" Tromp
IM 1,325,700 1,325,700
Robert Le Roux za
Robert Le Roux
za 1,218,727 1,218,727
snoozeuloose CA
CA 1,206,009 1,206,009
topboi CA
CA 1,119,115 1,119,115
Benjicarlos HU
HU 1,066,870 1,066,870
Daniel "GiveUp1905" Saugspier DE
Daniel "GiveUp1905" Saugspier
DE 1,064,925 1,064,925
bybyblyat HU
HU 979,008 979,008
mentaliy HK
HK 963,296 963,296
NacBreda LU
LU 962,868 962,868
Andreas "Duckzzz" Nasman fi
Andreas "Duckzzz" Nasman
fi 951,351 951,351
fatunov RU
RU 928,317 928,317
Fabiano "MarkyAurelio" Kovalski br
Fabiano "MarkyAurelio" Kovalski
br 887,484 887,484
Leonid "le0nel" Orman ru
Leonid "le0nel" Orman
ru 874,318 874,318
Ottomar Ladva ee
Ottomar Ladva
ee 832,595 832,595
Vlad Martynenko ua
Vlad Martynenko
ua 827,104 827,104
Adam "static88" Banko hu
Adam "static88" Banko
hu 800,644 800,644
Urmo Velvelt ee
Urmo Velvelt
ee 762,331 762,331
David "MyLastHand!" Comeron
David "MyLastHand!" Comeron
737,456 737,456
Sihao "Mr_3rdBullet" Zhang
Sihao "Mr_3rdBullet" Zhang
732,168 732,168
Brock Wilson us
Brock Wilson
us 725,718 725,718
Mario Mosboeck at
Mario Mosboeck
at 708,508 708,508
Justin "LappyPoker" Lapka us
Justin "LappyPoker" Lapka
us 704,194 704,194
Ilya Anatsky by
Ilya Anatsky
by 703,158 703,158
Aleksei Barkov ru
Aleksei Barkov
ru 701,173 701,173
Georgios "GEOKARAK" Karakousis gr
Georgios "GEOKARAK" Karakousis
gr 698,801 698,801

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The Winners of the 2020 GGPoker WSOP Winter Online Circuit

WSOP Winter Online Circuit
WSOP Winter Online Circuit

The ambitious cooperation between GGPoker and the World Series of Poker was once again a thorough success and just one of the 18 tournaments experienced a minor overlay. A total of 17 WSOP Circuit rings have been awarded and among the notable champions were Joaquin Melogno, Christian Jeppsson, Anson "[email protected]" Tsang, Niklas Astedt, Yuri Dzivielevski, Michael Addamo, and Samuli "BeastsSag_A" Sipila.

However, the $1,700 Main Event will shatter all prize pools and top prizes as all Day 1 survivors will return to their seats in one hour from now to race towards the money. Below are all winners of the festival and a link to the respective live coverage.

Winners of the 2020 GGPoker WSOP Winter Online Circuit so Far

Event #Event NameBuy-InPrize PoolEntriesWinnerTop Prize
1BIG $50$50$1,439,38631,291Aleksey "ImLuckPads" Savenkov$168,810
2Super MILLION$$10,300$5,110,000511Joaquin Melogno$636,072
3Deepstack NLHE Championship$3,000$1,436,400504Christian Jeppsson$244,202
4Monster Stack NLHE$800$1,060,2001,395Sihao "Mr_3rdBullet" Zhang$140,472
5Pot-Limit Omaha$600$1,060,2001,041Pulkit Goyal$82,052
6Mini Main Event$170$2,733,55917,478"CallMeBatya"$277,277
7NLHE 6-Handed Championship$1,500$1,266,825889Carlos "Wtfisthis" Henrique$153,213
8Marathon$600$720,4801,264Seungmook "7high" Jung$277,277
9BOUNTY GIANT$315$1,455,6004,852Urmo Velvelt$115,036
10CHRISTMAS PLOSSUS$400$2,733,5593,628Anson "[email protected]" Tsang$178,921
11Bounty Hunters Championship$1,050$1,293,0001,293Oleg "Ad Astra" Vasylchenko$145,005
12Deepstack NLHE$500$686,3751,445Fabian "lordof0513" Schmidt$90,943
13Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em$10,000$1,000,00094Niklas Astedt$348,250
14FIFTY STACK$800$1,405,2401,849Yuri Dzivielevski$178,236
15NEW YEAR COLOSSUS$400$3,280,6008,725Michael Addamo$178,921
16Pot-Limit Omaha Championship$3,000$991,800348Samuli "BeastsSag_A" Sipila$185,492
17Deepstack Bounty Hunters$252$711,1202,963David "MyLastHand!" Comeron$64,390
WSOPC #18: $1,700 MAIN EVENT, $10M GTD
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