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Ricci Doubles Through Lombardo

zedmaster84 • Level 33: 200,000-400,000, 400,000 ante
Andrea Ricci

Andrea Ricci opened top 800,000 and Simone Lombardo called. On a flop of {9-Hearts}{8-Clubs}{3-Hearts}, Lombardo check-raised from 1.2 million to 4.3 million for Ricci to call. As they headed to the {k-Clubs} turn, Lombardo checked once more and Ricci bet 5 million with 6.4 million behind.

Lombardo asked for his stack size and then pushed all-in, Ricci called it off after a short spell in the tank.

Andrea Ricci: {q-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}
Simone Lombardo: {j-Hearts}{8-Hearts}

Lombardo had plenty of outs but missed them all on the {10-Spades} river for Ricci to take over the lead.

Player Chips Progress
Andrea Ricci it
Andrea Ricci
it 31,800,000 15,000,000
Simone Lombardo it
Simone Lombardo
it 11,000,000 -17,000,000

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