Event 6 - $1,500 Limit Holdem

Ivey Wastes No Time

Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey just picked up a healthy pot, turning the nut straight and getting several bets out of his opponent. He now has 4300 in chips.

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Mark Gregorich - A First-Class Act

A lot of the professional poker players recognize Mark Gregorich as one of the best Omaha Hi/Low Split live players in the world! He is also considered by his peers as one of the finest gentlemen in the world of poker.

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Some Players of Note

After a quick walk through the room, we have noticed Bill Chen, Liz Lieu, Rafe Furst, David Sklansky, Joe Sebok, Chip Jett, Eric Froelich, Kathy Liebert, David Chiu, Jeff Madsen, Shannon Elizabeth, J.C .Tran and Dutch Boyd.

Slowly, Slowly

Waiting for a hand
Waiting for a hand
It is eerily calm in the Amazon Room in comparison to the past few days. Being a limit event, the action is very slow to start, with players taking their time.

Limit Hold'em Today

WSOP Event #6: Monday June 4th $1,500. This is a three day event. Join us for the only Complete Live Coverage.