Live Events 2
Event 51 - $1,500 H.O.R.S.E.

Hand #189: Tommy Hang Eliminated in 2nd ($158,933)

Tommy Hang: Eliminated in 2nd

James Schaaf raises {6-Hearts} and Tommy Hang calls {J-Clubs}.

On fourth, Hang bets {2-Hearts} and Schaaf calls {8-Clubs}.

On fifth, Schaaf bets {9-Hearts} and Hang calls {7-Hearts}.

On sixth, Schaaf bets {8-Hearts} and Hang raises {7-Spades} all in! Schaaf calls.

Hang: ({A-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}){J-Clubs}{2-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{7-Spades}{5-Hearts}
Schaaf: ({10-Clubs}{8-Spades}){6-Hearts}{8-Clubs}{9-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{A-Clubs}

After a long 12 hour day 3 from 20 players down to a winner, Tommy Hang goes out in second, taking home an impressive $158,933 for his second final table and second cash of this year's WSOP.

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