Event 43 - $1,000 Seniors World Championship

Event Info

Buy-in $1,000
Prize Pool $2,463,370
Players 2,707

Level Info

Level 27
Blinds 30,000 / 60,000
Ante 5,000

Everyone's a Millionaire

With just five players left, here are our chip counts.

Scott Buller: 2,675,000
Michael Davis: 1,100,000
Charles Simon: 1,275,000
Michael Morusty: 1,670,000
Barry Bounds: 1,250,000

Dan Delatorre Eliminated in 6th Place ($76,118)

Dan Delatorre
Dan Delatorre
Dan Delatorre moved all in for 585,000 from under the gun and Michael Morusty took nearly a minute before making the call.

When no one else joined in, Morusty said, "OK, show me the bad news," as he tabled {K-Spades}{K-Hearts}. As it turns out, he was ahead of Delatorre's {Q-Spades}{4-Spades} and held on to take the hand as the board came {8-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}{2-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{8-Clubs}.

Morusty, who was down to 1,000 chips at one point yesterday, now has a stack of 1,725,000 while Delatorre is heading home with a prize worth $76,118.

Davis Grabs Some Chips

Michael Davis
Michael Davis
Scott Buller continued his aggressive play, raising to 130,000 from under-the-gun. He got called by Michael Marusty on the button and reraised all in for 835,000 by Michael Davis in the big blind.

When Buller and Marusy folded, Davis added valuable chips to his stack, which is now worth 1.2 million.

Buller Bulls On

When Scott Buller raised to 150,000, he got called by Dan Delatorre on the button and Charles Simon in the big blind.

Simon then led for 400,000 on a flop of {8-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{6-Diamonds}, opening the door for Buller to raise to 1 million. That was enough to push everyone else out of the pot.

Sebok on the Rail

Joe Sebok - Interested Observer
Joe Sebok - Interested Observer
It's not just the PokerRoad t-shirt that got Joe Sebok to come rail Michael Davis at the final table. Davis' daughter, Rachel, is here too and she's a former PokerRoad employee.

Sebok says he's pleased to see someone he knows doing well, but he's afraid his presence is making Davis nervous at the final table.

Buller Bounces Back

It didn't take Buller long to get his chips back after Michael Morusty raised to 100,000 and both Buller and Barry Bounds called.

Action checked to Marusty who bet 150,000 on a flop of {Q-Diamonds}{4-Spades}{2-Spades}. Buller then raised to 650,000, taking the pot.

Up and Down with Scott Buller

Scott Buller
Scott Buller
With a big stack, Scott Buller isn't afraid of playing a lot of hands.

In one hand, he raised to 130,000 from middle position and got called by Charles Simon in the big blind. Simon then check folded after Buller led out on a flop of {K-Clubs}{J-Clubs}{3-Hearts}.

Buller didn't keep the chips long though, as he raised to 130,000 from under-the-gun on the next hand. Barry Bounds reraised to 250,000 and we went heads up to a flop of {A-Hearts}{J-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}. Buller check-called for 200,000 and then check-folded when Bounds bet 200,000 more at the {3-Spades} on the turn.

Davis Pushes and Wins

Michael Davis raised to 150,000 from under-the-gun and got called by Michael Morusty in the big blind.

Davis then check-raised all in for 565,000 after Morusty bet 130,000 on a flop of {K-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{4-Hearts}. Morusty flashed the {4-Diamonds} before folding.

Sense of Smell at the Table

Scott Buller raised to 130,000 from under the gun and Michael Morusty called on the button. The two players would take the flop heads up.

The flop came down {7-Hearts} {5-Spades} {5-Diamonds}. Buller bet 140,000 and Morusty raised to 280,000. The raise sent Buller into the tank. "It smells like you got two jacks." he said and then folded his hand.

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