Event #55: $50,000 Poker Player's Championship

Yan Chen Eliminated in 12th Place ($143,400)

Shamus • Level 20
Yan Chen - 12th Place


After Glantz brought it in and folded, Brian Rast, Yan Chen, and Scott Seiver together built a huge razz pot, with Chen all in by fifth.

Chen: (X)(X) / {A-}{7-}{8-}{7-} / (X)
Seiver: (X)(X) / {8-}{3-}{9-}{2-} / (X)
Rast: (X)(X) / {9-}{6-}{J-}{4-} / (X)

On third, Rast called Glantz's bring in, Chen completed, Seiver called, Glantz folded, and Rast called.

On fourth, Chen bet, Seiver raised, Rast called, Chen three-bet, Seiver four-bet, Rast called, Chen capped it, Seiver called, and Rast called.

On fifth, Chen bet his last 60,000, Seiver raised (to 160,000), and Rast called.

Then, on sixth and seventh, Seiver led with bets and Rast called both times.

Seiver showed {A-}{4-}{10-} for an 8-4-3-2-A, Chen showed {8-}{6-}{4-} for an 8-7-6-4-A, and Rast mucked.

Chen is out, Rast slips to 3.19 million, and Seiver is back up to 2.56 million.

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