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Event 41: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Lee Eliminates Khan; Assumes Chip Lead



And just like that our Day 1 chipleader Hafiz Khan is gone. We noticed an empty seat where he was sitting and rushed over to get the details.

Apparently Ronald Lee and Khan got into a blind vs. blind preflop raising war. Khan was the first to go all in for roughly 80,000 after five-bet shoving from the big blind. Lee called and hands were revealed.

Lee: {Q-}{Q-}
Khan: {7-}{8-}

The board ran safe for Lee and he again scooped a massive pot - propelling him into the chiplead almost entirely at the cost of Khan.

Lee is sitting on a dominating 210,000 stack.

Player Chips Progress
Ronald Lee us
Ronald Lee
us 210,000 60,000
Hafiz Khan us
Hafiz Khan
us Busted

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