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Event 41: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Vas Nunes Rivers Trips; Scoops a Large One


Action began with Mario Puccini under-the-gun, who opened for 40,000. Jackie Glazier flatted from the button and Paul Vas Nunes came along as well from the small blind for a three-way pot.

The flop came {5-Diamonds}{A-Hearts}{9-Diamonds} and Vas Nunes checked to Puccini, who c-bet for 60,000. Glazier got out of the way, but Vas Nunes made the call.

The {Q-Spades} fell on the turn and Vas Nunes again check called - this time for a 135,000 bet from Puccini.

When the {9-Hearts} completed the board, Vas Nunes led out for 320,000 and Puccini called. Vas Nunes tabled {K-Clubs}{9-Clubs} for trip nines. Puccini showed that he had {A-Hearts}{Q-Spades} for aces and queens and mucked his hand.

Vas Nunes is up to 1.68 million following the hand, while Puccini has slipped to 550,000.

Player Chips Progress
Paul Vas Nunes gb
Paul Vas Nunes
gb 1,680,000 640,000
Mario Puccini de
Mario Puccini
de 550,000 -115,000

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