Event 42: $2,500 Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi-Low 8-or-Better

Bari Having a Party


Allen Bari seems to be having a bit of a party over at his table that includes Tony Cousineau, Nicholas Verkaik, Matt Graham and Joe Hachem. Bari's up to roughly 26,000 and winning many, many pots. At one point, he turned to a PokerNews reporter and said, "Just stay over here. Forget about all of the other tables, this is where it's all happening! Really, it's so disgusting how good I am at this."

The table got some good laughs at what Bari said, but he still had more to say. He looked at Hachem and said, "Joe, if you want, I do OE coaching... at a fairly reasonable price."

Again the table got a good laugh, but it looks like Bari is laughing last as he's the one with the most chips.

Player Chips Progress
Allen Bari us
Allen Bari
us 26,000 1,000

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